More about E-Transcripts

RealLegal E-Transcript files surpass the functionality of an ASCII file! Recipients don't require any special software to open, browse, search or print a RealLegal E-Transcript just the free E-Transcript viewer. Court reporters can instantly send the E-Transcript files in ".EXE" format with the E-Transcript Viewer embedded, or as a ".PTX" file so law firms can download the free viewer separately. RealLegal E-Transcript files can be delivered instantly via email.

Each RealLegal E-Transcript has guaranteed page and line integrity and comes as a read-only, accurate, encrypted, virus and password-protected transcript.

RealLegal E-Transcript files offer:

Printing Power - Recipients may print single transcripts, condensed transcripts (up to 16 pages of transcripts per sheet), and word indices.

Value-added Format - Time spent digesting and summarizing transcripts is reduced by using the patented Hyperlinked Word Index. The interactive key word index is electronically linked to page and line numbers in the transcript.

Easy and Accurate Citations - Text can be copied directly from the E-Transcript Viewer and pasted elsewhere. The pasted citation automatically includes the deponent name, date, page and line summary, and the formatted text.

Export Flexibility - Users can save an E-Transcript into a third-party word processing or litigation support package.

And much more! RealLegal E-Transcript files are compatible with other litigation management tools like RealLegal Binder . . RealLegal E-Transcript files require no special software purchase. . RealLegal E-Transcript files eliminate frustration by guaranteeing 100% page and line integrity between ASCII and hard copy transcripts. . RealLegal E-Transcript files include an automatically generated Hyperlinked Word Index so users can track the usage of keywords and navigate to excerpts. . RealLegal E-Transcript files provide enhanced citation capability. When copying and pasting from an E-Transcript into a word processor, citation text appears with all formatting intact - including the transcript title and page and line cites. Make sure the authoring court reporter has provided any applicable codes to activate this feature. . RealLegal E-Transcript files can be printed as full-size or condensed transcripts. . RealLegal E-Transcript files reduce time spent reviewing, digesting and summarizing transcript.